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Bent-Back Tulips
see how the other half lives
Something New and Something Else New 
27th-Nov-2007 06:45 pm
Imagine Central Park
Since neither of these are long enough to be an actual fic... you get two things tonight. One of which was written last week. One was written today. Both are really unnecessary. Enjoy?

Something New - An Endless Collection of Stories

Title: I've Just Seen a Face
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jude/Max
Summary: They get a kitty!
Author's Note: Written for half_life_wolf, and based on some RPing with the_mogget

Story Index

It had been a long day at work, which was nothing new. Not to say that Max didn't enjoy his job - it was far superior to say, working behind a desk, and he knew his father didn't approve. No, Max genuinely enjoyed his job for the most part, though at the end of the day, all he really wanted to do was curl up with a nice warm Jude.

He fumbled for his keys to the apartment, and then remembered that no one ever locked the door anyway, and walked in. He barely had a moment to look around before Jude was in his arms, kissing his firmly. "Mmmph," he said, pulling away. "Someone's happy to see me."

Jude grinned brightly. A bit too brightly. "Have I ever mentioned that I love you?"

Max narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Yes, I believe so. What have you been up to?"

"Oh... not much... did some drawing... went to the park... made a new friend."

Max raised an eyebrow. "A new friend?"

Jude nodded and retreated into the room that was filled with his art supplies (and fruit. Lots of fruit). He returned carrying something in his hands. "What's that?" asked Max.

Jude opened his hands to show Max a tiny kitty that was sleeping. "Kitty."

Max blinked. "Where'd he come from?"

"The park. He was hungry, so I gave him some food, and then he followed me and asked me to be his friend and take care of him."

"Really? He said all of that?"

Jude nodded. "We can keep him, right?"

"You realize that we'll need to get kitty litter, and kitty food, and all sorts of kitty accessories?"

Jude nodded again. "I'll take care of him. Pleaaaaaase? Here... hold him."

Max took the kitty out of Jude's hand. The kitty blinked his eyes and looked up at Max sleepily. "He wants you to be his friend," whispered Jude.

"Is that so?" muttered Max, stroking the kitty, who purred at him. He scratched the kitty behind the ears. The thing was rather tiny... and adorable... He looked up to see Jude beaming at him. "I didn't say yes yet."

"That's alright," said Jude, kissing him again. "You will."


Title: Yesterday
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jude/Max
Summary: It's been two - or is it three years?
Author's Note: Because I'd already written a Thanksgiving fic...

"So it's been... two years? No... three?"


"Since our first Thanksgiving together at your parents' house."

"Oh... umm... three, I guess. Why do you ask?"

Jude looked at Max with a grin, and a sort of impish glint behind that grin that Max loved. "Because I realized that that, the first Thanksgiving, three years ago... was when I first realized I fancied you."

Max leaned forward. "Oh?"

Jude nodded. "Well I mean - clearly, I thought you were pretty alright before that - I came home with you for Thanksgiving after all. And I thought your family was completely bonkers. But I remember bowling with you after dinner, and you were talking about quitting school and living in New York, and there was just this - this energy and life about you. I could never say no to anything you said."

Max chuckled lightly. "That was a long time ago, man."

"It was, wasn't it?"

Max looked away. "Things are a lot different now. I'm a lot different now."

Jude looked at him intently. "Yeah, but you're still the same old crazy nutter, don't worry."

Max looked at Jude's eyes searchingly. "I never could've gone to New York without you."


"Yeah. I mean, I had the big ideas, but something about having you around made me feel like I could do them."

"Oh Max, you great sap, I never knew."

Max barked out a laugh. "Well don't tell anyone, alright?"

Jude chuckled. "Not a problem." He cleared the breakfast dishes, washed them, kissed Max on the cheek, and went to sit on the couch. "And look at us now, huh?"

Max came over to sit next to Jude on the couch. He plopped himself in Jude's lap, and rested his head on Jude's shoulder. Jude wrapped his arms around Max happily. "Happily married, you mean? Here in New York City?"

"Yeah," murmured Max, kissing Jude's neck. "Something like that."
28th-Nov-2007 03:46 am (UTC)
Oh man, i LOVE the idea that Max wouldn't have gone to New York without Jude, i think that is the perfect description of their relationship.

28th-Nov-2007 03:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Everyone would have had normal, boring lives unless Jude decided to come to America to shake things up. :D
28th-Nov-2007 03:53 am (UTC)
I LOVE YOU. You know that, right? *hugs* I LOVED IT. This series is fantastic.
28th-Nov-2007 03:11 pm (UTC)
Haha... thanks. I do what I can.

PS - I keep dedicating stories to you. I HOPE YOU FEEL SPECIAL. <3
28th-Nov-2007 11:28 pm (UTC)
they are just precious.

and yeah, I loves ya...
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